Crochet Heart Pattern
Crochet Heart Pattern

Crochet Heart Pattern

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Nurse Laura Kirby-Deacon wants people to send 2 small handcrafted hearts to give to patients who contracted Covid-19 - 1 heart goes to them and 1 heart goes to their families. The hearts can bring comfort to families who are unable to see their loved ones at this time. 

So we've created a free pattern for you to follow to create these hearts! 

You can either right click on the image to save the pattern as a picture or you can download the PDF Here

Don’t forget to place your heart in a sealable bag and write the date it was made!

Send your heart to: 

Brighter Futures at the GWH,

Great Western Hospital,

Marlborough Rd,




Bring comfort to a family that has been affected by COVID-19 <3